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Journal of Experimental Psychopathology
 Volume 4, Issue 3, 263-278, 2013
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Mechanisms Underlying the Relationship between Negative Affectivity and Problematic Alcohol Use

Ayca Coskunpinar, Allyson L. Dir, Kenny A. Karyadi, ChungSeung Koo, Melissa A. Cyders
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Volume 4, Issue 3, 2013, Pages 263-278

The mechanisms that underlie how negative affective traits influence problematic alcohol use and attentional biases are not well understood. The current article sought to characterize mechanisms that drive problematic alcohol use and attentional biases. Three undergraduate student studies were conducted (n = 510, 429, and 38). Negative urgency partially mediated the effects of negative affectivity (B for indirect effect = .119, CI = .09 - .16) and affect lability (B for indirect effect = .928, CI = .47 - 1.45) on problematic alcohol use. Activation level of hostility predicted increased variance in problematic alcohol consumption (R2 change = .01, B = .16, p = .02) above trait valence. Negative urgency predicted alcohol attentional biases over and above valence and activation (B = 2.23, p = .05). Negative urgency is a prime mechanism by which negative affective traits influence problematic alcohol consumption.

Table of Contents
Study One Introduction
Study One Methods
Participants and Procedure
General Negative Affectivity.
Affectivity Lability.
Negative Urgency.
Problematic Alcohol Use.
Study One Results
Unique Predictive Variance of Affective Lability and Negative Urgency Over and Above Neuroticism
Mediation of the Relationship between Affective Lability, Neuroticism, and Problematic Alcohol Consumption
Study One Discussion
Study Two Introduction
Study Two Methods
Participants and Procedure
Affective trait valence and activation.
Problematic Alcohol Consumption.
Study Two Results
Study Two Discussion
Study Three Introduction
Study Three Methods
Impulsive behavior.
Alcohol-related attentional biases.
Valence and activation of affect.
Problematic Alcohol Consumption.
Mood Images.
Study Three Results
Study Three Discussion
General Discussion

Correspondence to
Ayca Coskunpinar, 402 N. Blackford St., LD 120J, Indianapolis, IN 46202

alcohol, affect, negative urgency, attentional bias

Received 30 May 2012; Revised 30 Nov 2012; Accepted 23 Nov 2012; In Press 21 Jul 2013

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