ISSN 2043-8087
Journal of Experimental Psychopathology
 Volume 5, Issue 1, 52-71, 2014
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Adolescent Worry Induction: An Experimental Laboratory Evaluation

Jamie Frala, Emily Mischel, Ashley Knapp, Kevin Autry, Ellen Leen-Feldner
University of Arkansas

Volume 5, Issue 1, 2014, Pages 52-71

Available research indicates that worry is an important process in need of further investigation, particularly among adolescents. While a sizable body of literature has examined the nature, prevalence, and correlates of worry in both adults and youth, laboratory investigations of this variable using a real-time worry induction paradigm have been completed almost exclusively with adults. The current study aimed to extend the literature by experimentally examining the validity of a worry induction in a sample of adolescents. Fifty adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17 years were randomly assigned to either a worry or a neutral thought condition. Results provided initial support for the validity of using an ideographic worry induction procedure with adolescents, suggesting the induction produces elevated generalized negative affectivity and future-oriented mentation relative to a control group. Unexpectedly, predictions regarding the effects of the induction on verbal-linguistic thoughts were not supported. Results are discussed in terms of their convergence and divergence with the adult literature as well as relevant developmental factors to consider in future utilization of worry induction procedures in order to better understand the phenomenology and consequences of worry among youth.

Table of Contents
 The Nature of Worry
 Developmental Considerations
 Methodological Shortcomings of the Extant Literature
 Current Study
  Pre-induction psychological assessment.
  Assessment of Cognitive Development.
  Dependent measures.
 Procedure and Laboratory Tasks
 General Analytic Strategy
 Descriptive Statistics and Efficacy of Random Assignment.
 Primary Analyses.

Correspondence to
Ellen Leen-Feldner, Ph.D., University of Arkansas Department of Psychological Science, Fayetteville, AR 72701.

worry, adolescent, emotion induction, experimental psychopathology

Received 25 Dec 2012; Revised 28 Jun 2013; Accepted 5 Jul 2013; In Press 16 Oct 2013

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