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Journal of Experimental Psychopathology
 Volume 2, Issue 1, 63-76, 2011
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The Disgust Threat Interpretation Bias Is Not Moderated By Anxiety & Disgust Sensitivity

Emily Leathers-Smith & Graham C. L. Davey
University of Sussex, UK

Volume 2, Issue 1, 2011, Pages 63-76

The present study used the homophone spelling task to investigate whether induced disgust facilitates an interpretational bias. In addition, it considered whether factors related to anxiety and disgust moderate this disgust-generated threat-interpretation bias. Participants were assigned to one of three groups in which they experienced a neutral, anxiety, or disgust mood induction. Participants subsequently completed the homophone spelling task. Results indicated that participants who experienced induced anxiety or disgust interpreted significantly more neutral/threatening homophones in a threatening way, relative to participants who experienced a neutral mood induction. This supports the proposal that experienced disgust generates a threat interpretation bias and implicates disgust as a causal factor involved in anxious psychopathology. Subsequent analyses also indicated that measures of anxiety sensitivity, generalized anxiety, and disgust sensitivity and propensity did not moderate the disgust generated interpretation bias. Suggestions as to why this may have occurred are discussed, along with proposals for future research into the possible role of disgust in anxious psychopathology.

Table of Contents
  Pre-experimental measures
  Mood induction procedures
  Homophone spelling task results

Correspondence to
Graham Davey, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, School of Psychology, The University of Sussex, Brighton, BN1 9QH UK.

Disgust; Anxiety; Threat Interpretation Bias; Anxiety Sensitivity; Mood Inductions; Homophone Spelling Task

Received 18 Jun 2010; Revised 10 Sep 2010; Accepted 24 Sep 2010; In Press 31 Jan 2011

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