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Journal of Experimental Psychopathology
 Volume 7, Issue 3, 296-310, 2016
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Free Article A Cognitive Model of Psychological Resilience

  Sam Parsons - University of Oxford
  Anne-Wil Kruijt - University of Oxford
  Elaine Fox - University of Oxford

Volume 7, Issue 3, 2016, Pages 296-310

Resilience is considered to be the process by which individuals demonstrate more positive outcomes than would be expected, given the nature of the adversity experienced. We propose that a cognitive approach has the potential to guide studies investigating the relationships between adversity, stress, and resilience. We outline a preliminary cognitive model of resilience in order to facilitate the application of cognitive approaches to the investigation of resilience in the face of adversity. We argue that the situationally appropriate application of flexibility or rigidity in affective-cognitive systems is a key element in promoting resilient responses. We propose that this mapping of cognitive processing can be conceptualised as being undertaken by an overarching mapping system, which serves to integrate information from a variety of sources, including the current situation, prior experience, as well as more conscious and goal-driven processes. We propose that a well-functioning mapping system is an integral part of the cognitive basis for resilience to adversity. Our preliminary model is intended to provide an initial theoretical framework to guide research on the development of cognitive functions that are considered to be important in the resilience process.

Table of Contents
 A Cognitive Model of Resilience
 Processing biases as implicit emotion regulation strategies
 Executive Control processes
 Active cognitions
 Feedback loops
 Mapping appropriate cognitive processing
Applying a Cognitive Approach to Resilience

Correspondence to
Sam Parsons, Oxford Centre for Emotions and Affective Neuroscience (OCEAN), Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford, South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3UD, UK.

psychological resilience, cognitive bias, psychological flexibility, executive control, cognitive model

Received 30 Nov 2015; Revised 14 Jun 2016; Accepted 14 Jun 2016; In Press 26 Jun 2016

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