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Journal of Experimental Psychopathology
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Multimodal Examination of Distress Tolerance and Suicidality in Acute-Care Psychiatric Inpatients

  Anka A. Vujanovic - University of Houston
  Erin C. Berenz - University of Virginia School of Medicine
  Jafar Bakhshaie - University of Houston

In Press (Uncorrected Proof), Pages 1-20


The present investigation examined associations between distress tolerance, examined multimodally via self-report and behavioral indices, and suicidality. Participants were 102 psychiatric inpatients (44.1% women; Mage=33.9, SD=10.8). Distress tolerance was measured via the Distress Tolerance Scale (DTS), Mirror-Tracing Persistence Task (MTPT), and Breath-Holding Task. Suicidality was defined as: number of past suicide attempts, self-reported suicidal ideation severity, and suicidality as reason for the current hospital admission. When DT indices were examined concurrently, only MTPT was negatively associated with number of past suicide attempts; perceived DT (DTS) was negatively associated with suicidal ideation severity and suicidality as the reason for current admission. 

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Dr. Anka A. Vujanovic

distress tolerance; suicidality; inpatient

Received 31 Aug 2016; Revised 17 Jun 2017; Accepted 17 Jun 2017; In Press 22 Jul 2017

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