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Journal of Experimental Psychopathology
 Volume 3, Issue 2, 209-222, 2012
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Anxiety symptoms influence the effect of post-trauma interventions after analogue trauma

Muriel A. Hagenaars
Department of Clinical Health and Neuropsychology, Leiden University
Behavioural Science Institute (BSI), Radboud University

Volume 3, Issue 2, 2012, Pages 209-222

The present study aimed to replicate the beneficial effect of imagery rescripting (IRS) over imagery reexperiencing (IRE) in a trauma analogue experiment. The impact of anxiety on the manipulations was also examined. Anxious (n = 33) and non-anxious (n = 40) participants were randomly assigned to IRE or IRS, taking place 30 minutes after watching an aversive film. Intrusive memories were recorded in the subsequent week. Results showed that IRE resulted in more intrusive thoughts and intrusive images than IRS. Frequency of intrusive thoughts or images did not differ for anxious and non-anxious participants. However, anxiety influenced the effect of the manipulation: IRE resulted in higher levels of intrusive images than IRS in anxious but not in non-anxious participants. Such anxiety x condition interaction was not present for intrusive thoughts. The results suggest that anxious individuals may be particularly sensitive to interventions in the memory consolidation phase.

Table of Contents
  Control strategies.
  Mood ratings.
  Intrusive memories.
 Distress during the intervention
 Intrusive thoughts
 Intrusive images

Correspondence to
Muriel Hagenaars, Behavioural Science Institute (BSI), Radboud University Nijmegen, PO Box 9104, 6500 HE Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

intrusions, imagery rescripting, trauma, reexperiences, anxiety

Received 28 Feb 2011; Revised 19 Jun 2011; Accepted 20 Jun 2011; In Press 12 Dec 2011

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