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Journal of Experimental Psychopathology
 Volume 4, Issue 1, 6-19, 2013
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Symptom Validity Test Research: Status and Clinical Implications

Jerry J. Sweet (a),(b) and Leslie M. Guidotti Breting (a)
(a) NorthShore University HealthSystem, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Evanston, IL USA
(b) University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neuroscience, Chicago, IL USA

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2013, Pages 6-19

This paper explores the extent of the knowledge base pertaining to symptom validity tests (SVTs), including empirical research studies, meta-analyses, position papers, and a consensus conference statement. We investigate publication outlets for research on symptom validity testing that have been published and identify the discipline of the authors. It is evident that the field of clinical psychology, and specifically neuropsychology, has amassed a very extensive research literature that has established the utility of SVTs in identifying insufficient effort on cognitive tests, response bias on symptom reporting inventories, and can be used to support or rule out malingering of psychological and neuropsychological conditions. This is particularly important for assessments that occur in a forensic context, but can also be important in routine clinical contexts and in relation to psychopathology. With the exception of not having full-fledged practice guidelines exclusively regarding SVTs, neuropsychologists and psychologists have all the guidance needed at present to be knowledgeable on the effective use and interpretation of SVTs.

Table of Contents
  Relevant Empirical Literature in Peer-Reviewed Journals
  Meta-Analytic Reviews
  Position Papers
  Consensus Statement

Correspondence to
Leslie M. Guidotti Breting, Ph.D., NorthShore University HealthSystem, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, 909 Davis St., Suite 160, Evanston, IL 60201.

Symptom Validity Test, Forensic Neuropsychology, Response Bias, Effort, Malingering

Received 9 Aug 2011; Revised 6 Oct 2011; Accepted 12 Dec 2011; In Press 23 Sep 2012

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